Allergy Positive Plasma


For many individuals allergies are a part of their everyday life and can range from just being a nuisance to something much more serious.

For people with allergies their body’s immune system sees usually harmless substances such as foods, pollens and insect venom, as a threat, resulting in a hypersensitive immunological reaction. As a result IgE antibodies are produced which bind to mast cells so that upon re-exposure to the same allergen the mast cell identifies it as a threat and produces chemicals such as histamines, leading to allergy symptoms.

Please find some of the examples of allergy positive plasma we can provide, or view specific products on the list underneath:

Food IgE Positive (Sensitivity)

Multiple Specific IgE Positive

Inhalant IgE Positive

Food IgE Positive (Allergy)

Insect Venom IgE Positive

Occupational IgE Positive

Antibiotic IgE Positive

Product Code


Disease/Allergy Types


Food  IgG Positive (Milk f2, Wheat f4, Egg Yolk f75)

Food  Sensitivity


Multiple Specific IgE Positive (Shrimp f24, Timothy g6, Latex k82)

Multi Allergy


Inhalant IgE Positive- High IgE (Birch Pollen t3, Mugwort Pollen w6, Cat Epithelia e01)

Inhalant  Allergy , Atopic asthma


Food  IgE Positive (Egg White f01, Peanut f13, Apple f49)

Food Allergy


Insect Venom IgE  Positive (Been Venom i1, Wasp Venom i3, Hornet Venom i75)

Insect Venom Allergy


Occupational IgE Positive (Castor Bean K71, Silk k74, Cotton Seed K83)

Occupational Allergen sensitisation


Antibiotic IgE Positive (Penicilloyl G c1, Insulin Bovine c71, Morphine c260)

Allergy to Medicines

  Antibiotic IgE  


For a list of specific allergies tested for please see the product pages below:


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We are able to provide various other allergy material so please do contact us for more information at and we can provide free of charge 1 ml samples. For example we can also provide allergy negative plasma from donors without any allergies.