Plasma Processing Services

Our fast and cost-effective services include Defibrination, Delipidation, Charcoal stripping, affinity stripping, 0.22 micron Sterile-filtering and more


The AbBaltis team can quickly and efficiently process plasma and off-the-clot serum based on your specifications. For all projects, large (1000 Liters) or small (50 ML), our dedicated sample processing technicians will prepare your requested material to the highest standard of quality.

We also have stock of Defibrinated/Delipidated 2x Charcoal Stripped material as a Low Hormone matrix. Please contact us today at if you would like to receive a Free of Charge sample for your evaluation.


Download our Product Catalogue here

This product catalogue highlights what AbBaltis can offer you. However, we are continually expanding our inventory to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, should you require anything else please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be able to assist you with our personalised service.

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