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We are proud to offer various positive plasma, including Zika IgG, Dengue IgG, Leptospira IgG, Rubella IgM and more.


On the allergy side, we can offer Cat, Timothy, Cod, Olive, Wall Pellitory and Wheat to name but a few.


If you want autoimmune samples we have dsDNA, MPO, SCL-70, RF and CCP amongst others.


If you want to browse through the parameters we offer please click on the links below to download spreadsheets of our featured products.



Featured Products Winter 2019/20


Infectious Disease Positive Bulk Human Plasma 
With people travelling across the globe more than ever, diseases such as Typhoid Fever caused by Salmonella typhi are seeing a huge resurgence. At AbBaltis, we have new units from donors positive for Salmonella typhi IgG and IgA. If you need a sample for evaluation, please contact us requesting samples using product code PB-INFE-2120.  We also offer Clostridium difficile IgG, Yersinia enterocolitica IgG/gA, Candida albicans IgG/IgA. 


Human Plasma Bulk Allergy Positive
Since Cannabis is becoming more readily available and legalised in parts of the world, there has been a huge increase in people developing allergies to it. Cross-sensitisation between food hemp, a popular plant protein source,  and medical cannabis has been observed. If you need samples of allergy positive plasma, we have these available.  As always, we have good stocks of apple, mugwort, plantain, ragweed, timothy, cat, dustmite, milk, egg, shrimp, cockroach  and other allergy positive plasma and off-the-clot serum,


Human Plasma Bulk Autoimmune Antibody Positive
We are able to offer a variety of samples, which are positive for Autoimmune Hepatitis. With cases of Hepatitis currently under diagnosed across the world, it is no surprise that a number of organisations are in the process of developing test kits to help doctors to more accurately diagnose this condition. If your researchers are currently working on developing tests kits for Autoimmune Hepatitis, we have LC-1, SLA antibody positive  samples to help. In addition to this, we have a choice of RF/CCP plasma, Cardiolipin/B2GP1, Celiac, Jo-1, SCL-70, OJ, Ku, DFS-70, SSA/SSB, dsDNA, Ro-52, Nucleolar, Ribosomal and more. 


Once you have made your selection, please email info@abbaltis.com with your selection and we will make sure your request is processed within 72 hours or even faster!



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This product catalogue highlights what AbBaltis can offer you. However, we are continually expanding our inventory to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, should you require anything else please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be able to assist you with our personalised service.

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