About Us

At AbBaltis we serve the In Vitro Diagnostics and Biotech markets by offering innovative, reliable and quality biologically-based products for our clients.

Our purpose is to supply a wide variety of disease state plasma and residual clinical samples with:

  • Fast Delivery around the Globe
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Outstanding Customer Support

We have a passion to improve the lives of patients by focusing on innovations that deliver the highest quality research and the most beneficial products. With a seasoned team of scientists and researchers, AbBaltis brings together leaders with industry experience is assay development, diagnostic research and new market development.

Additionally, we know that scientific enterprise brings many challenges so our staff will help you to overcome those challenges by understanding your priorities and delivering a personalised service. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us to discover why we are an award winning company.

AbBaltis offers a large and diverse range of human plasma and serum. The company has been an international supplier of human serum and plasma since 2010 serving  In Vitro Diagnostic test kit manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and clinical laboratories.

Our materials are well-characterised using various in-vitro diagnostic assays, such as EIA, IFA, CF, RIA, CAP and latex agglutination. Thus disease state plasma and residual clinical specimens we offer can be qualified to use as controls, standards and calibrators.

Our disease state materials include plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, CSF and come from donors with autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, allergies and cardiovascular diseases.

We also offer free of charge samples for our bulk material, so please contact us today at info@abbaltis.com to request your FOC sample pack.

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