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Job Description

Ready to turn your passion for sales into a rewarding career? Be part of a team that not only appreciates your skills but also provides a platform for continuous growth. Apply now to unlock your potential in a role that blends expertise with enthusiasm! Don't miss the chance to shape your success – apply today for a career full of excitement and possibilities!

Starting Salary: Commence your journey with a competitive salary ranging from £28,000 to £35,000 per annuum based on a 37.5h week, complemented by an achievable bonus potential of £1,500 to £3,000/month. It is important to note that the latter figures are realistic and can be surpassed with exceptional performance. Your performance will be in line with the agreed company KPIs, including existing account growth and new business prospecting.

Job Title:

Senior Sales Account Manager



Reporting to:

Managing Director


Remote or Hybrid

Main Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prospecting and Client Acquisition: Identify and pursue new business opportunities, exploring untapped markets and establishing valuable client relationships.

  • Product Presentation: You will take centre stage in showcasing our premium disease state plasma products to potential customers. Through your expertise and knowledge, you will highlight the distinct features and benefits of our products, emphasizing their value propositions. Your presentation skills will be instrumental in capturing the attention and interest of potential buyers.

  • Negotiation: Your ability to understand customer needs, address objections, and effectively communicate the value of our products will be essential in closing deals successfully. By leveraging your negotiation skills, you will ensure that both parties reach mutually beneficial agreements.

  • Problem-solving: Transforming challenges into opportunities is a vital aspect of this role. You will need to address objections, concerns, and hesitations raised by potential customers. By understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions, you will guide them towards the path of success and overcome any obstacles that may arise during the sales process.

  • Client Relationship Management: Building strong relationships with clients is crucial for long-term success. In this role, you will be responsible for nurturing and sustaining existing client bonds. Your focus will not only be on ensuring client satisfaction but also on cultivating enduring, collaborative partnerships. By understanding their evolving needs and providing exceptional customer service, you will foster loyalty and drive repeat business.

  • Market Analysis: Staying up-to-date with industry trends, competitor movements, and emerging opportunities is essential for success in this role. You will need to keep a keen eye on market insights to fine-tune your sales strategy. By analysing market data and identifying potential areas for growth, you will be able to adapt your approach and maximize sales opportunities.

  • Sales Performance Excellence: Maintain a consistent record of exceeding sales targets, being a driving force behind the company's exponential growth.

  • Global Brand Ambassadorship: Represent AbBaltis on the world stage, participating in prestigious international events that serve as platforms for showcasing our brand and forging invaluable connections.

Additional Duties

  • Any other duties as requested by the line manager to ensure the smooth running of the company

Person Specification

  • Results-Driven Dedication: Maintain an unwavering commitment to achieving and surpassing sales targets, always striving for the zenith of excellence.

  • Aspiration for Career Advancement: Possess an unwavering passion for personal and professional growth, eagerly embracing escalating responsibilities and challenges.

  • Innate Curiosity: A passion for continual learning, adaptability, and an unceasing drive to explore new avenues in the quest for business expansion.

  • Communication Prowess: Outstanding communication skills to connect with clients and build lasting relationships.

  • Negotiation Skills: Proficiency in negotiating and closing high-value deals.

  • Proactive Initiator: Demonstrate a self-starting spirit, with a boundless initiative to seize opportunities and take on challenges with unwavering vigour.

**How to Apply:**
If you are a goal-oriented individual with a passion for sales, we want to hear from you! Please complete the application form to continue with your candidacy:


AbBaltis is a dynamic and forward-thinking life science company experiencing rapid growth in the IVD and Biotech industry. Our primary focus lies in the global distribution of disease state plasma and serum, making a significant impact on the advancement of medical research and development. We take immense pride in our people-oriented approach, fostering a work environment that thrives on diversity, collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

AbBaltis’ success stems from the exceptional individuals who make up our team. We are a group of A-players who possess a deep passion for their work and a commitment to driving positive change in the world of life sciences. Our team members embody our core values of integrity, dedication, and continuous learning.


  • Employee development is a key aspect of our company culture. We firmly believe in providing our employees with ample opportunities for professional growth and advancement (we fund postgraduate degrees, apprentices, training programs, etc.). Additionally, we actively promote from within, recognising and nurturing the potential of our employees. By fostering a supportive and growth-oriented environment, we strive to enhance job satisfaction and create a fulfilling career path for all individuals at AbBaltis.

  • Diversity is a core aspect of our company culture. We believe that by embracing and celebrating diversity, we can create an inclusive environment where every individual feels valued and respected. Our team is proud to be international, with members working from various parts of the world, including South Africa and Lithuania. Additionally, we are a Visa Sponsorship Business, which enables us to support and sponsor our overseas employees who are working within the UK. This step further exemplifies our dedication to fostering diversity and ensuring that talented individuals from all over the world have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of our organization.

  • Employee wellbeing is paramount to us at AbBaltis. We understand that a healthy work-life balance is essential for personal growth and overall job satisfaction. Therefore, we prioritise providing comprehensive support systems and resources to ensure the wellbeing of our employees. From bespoke flexible work arrangements, team building activities, employee benefit packages, to wellness workshops, we strive to create an environment where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally.

Joining AbBaltis offers an exciting opportunity to become a valued member of a dynamic and passionate community that is actively contributing to advancements in the field of life sciences. We are committed to making a positive impact on the world through our work, and we believe that our employees play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

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