Values & Culture

Delivering Solutions to IVD Industry for Better Lives



To supply high-quality products that aid scientific discovery and improve healthcare for patients around the world.



To be the market leader in the in vitro diagnostics and biotech markets.



The success and rapid growth of AbBaltis is built on the foundations of entrepreneurship, innovation and an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional products and services for our customers.

We believe in working hard but also pride ourselves on being able to offer flexibility with working hours. Moreover we have monthly team building activities. We put a lot of emphasis on developing a company culture which will sustain our future growth and success. Team work, positive attitude and working towards improving patient care are important principles at AbBaltis.

Our vibrant, close knit team all share in common the vision of the company. We all have a passion to see the company grow, to give back to the community and to drive innovation in this industry.

Our Values:

  • Provide Quality Products
  • Offer Competitive Pricing
  • Provide Fast Delivery around the Globe
  • Deliver Excellent Customer Service
  • Drive Innovation
  • Continually Invest In Our Community And People