Food IgG Positive (Sensitivity)


We have bulk material positive for specific IgGs against food items such as:

Allergy Code Allergen Name
f20 Almond
f6 Barley
f83 Chicken
f221 Coffee
f475 Duck
f1 Egg White
f75 Egg Yolk
f17 Hazelnut
f88 Lamb/Mutton
f235 Lens/Lentil
f345 Macadamia nut
f8 Maize
f7 Oat flour
f33 Orange
f86 Parsley
f95 Peach
f13 Peanut
f253 Pinenut
f203 Pistachio Nut
f26 Pork
f213 Rabbit
f9 Rice
f14 Soybean/Soya
f114 Sunflow seeds
f222 Tea
f284 Turkey
f474 Veal
f256 Walnut
f4 Wheat flour
f15 White bean

We are able to provide various other foods sensitivity material so please do contact us for more information at and we can provide free of charge 1 ml samples to you for evaluation.


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