Multiple Specific IgE Positive

We are proud to offer highly characterised plasma and sera from donors positive for multiple allergies, including mould, food, pollens, epithelia and more.

We have an amazing variety of donors and we currently cover over 300 allergies! Serum, plasma, dried  blood samples or fresh whole blood are available from various allergy donors. Our donor DBN-4401599 is positive for all of the following and more:

  • M01 Penicillium chrysogenum IgE
  • M02 Cladosporium herbarum IgE
  • M03 Aspergillus fumigatus IgE
  • M06 Alternaria alternata IgE
  • D01 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus IgE
  • D02 Dermatophagoides farinae IgE
  • D71 Lepidoglyphus destructor IgE
  • D72 Tyrophagus putrescentiae IgE
  • E05 Dog Dander IgE
  • E01 Cat dander IgE
  • W01 Common Ragweed IgE
  • E05 RAST Dog Dander IgE
  • E94 rFel d 1 Cat IgE
  • E06 Guinea Pig IgE
  • E03 Horse dander IgE
  • M229 Allergen component rAlt a 1 IgE
  • M04 Mucor racemosus IgE
  • M05 Candida albicans (yeast) IgE
  • T02 Grey Alder IgE
  • T03 Common Silver Birch IgE
  • T07 Oak IgE
  • T09 Olive IgE
  • W06 Mugwort IgE
  • I01 Honey bee IgE
  • G06 Timothy grass IgE
  • F25 Tomato IgE
  • F85 Celery IgE
  • K82 Latex (Hevea brasiliensis) IgE
  • E82 Rabbit IgE
  • F45 Yeast IgE
  • M227 Malassezia spp. IgE

Some examples can be found linked here.