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Congratulations to AbBaltis’ Employee of the Year

Written by Giedre on 05th June 2019

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Natalie, our Shipping Laboratory Supervisor has been named our Employee of the Year.

The announcement came as part of the recent company retreat, which saw our entire team spend a day strategizing for the coming year, as well as taking part in some exciting team building activities.

Managing Director Giedre discussed her reaction on hearing that Natalie was AbBaltis’ Employee on the Year. “I am delighted for Natalie. The Employee of the Year award is done slightly differently here at AbBaltis as it is voted for by all the staff, rather than just being picked by myself. In fact, I actually don’t get a vote! Natalie winning makes sense to me as she is hard-working and very well respected by her colleagues. She has made a real, positive difference to AbBaltis since she joined us two-years-ago.”

AbBaltis announce an Employee of the Quarter every three months (again picked by the team), and the four winners are then voted on to determine the overall Employee of the Year.

Natalie commented on how it felt to be recognised by her colleagues for her efforts: “I'm really pleased to have won employee of the year. It came as a surprise as I was not expecting to win. This has been a great year for AbBaltis and I'm delighted to be part of such a hard working team. I look forward to being involved in the future success of this company.”

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