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Special seminar for University of Kent students

Written by Giedre on 28th February 2020

On 19th February, our MD Giedre was invited to the University of Kent by their employability department to give a special seminar to students about career paths once they have finished their degrees.

The event was well attended and offered the students the opportunity to discuss their career aspirations and talk about the steps they needed to take to ensure that they were able to secure employment not only when they finish their studies; but also when looking at gaining work experience opportunities and part-time roles whilst still at university.  

Giedre discussed the seminar: “The students spoke at length about what they felt they needed to do to make sure they could get a job. Together we brainstormed some ways that they could develop their skill set, including volunteering at employers that do what they would like to do once they graduate. We also discussed that once they had made a connection at a company, they should then continue to correspond with their contacts there to keep aware of any jobs that might come up.”

The seminar also focused on the importance of building a network of contacts in the field that you wish to work in, and ensuring that you do research into the company in which you would like to work. One student suggested that the best approach would be to take a basic job as a “way in” to a company, and then try to progress by taking on more responsibilities.

Giedre closed by saying: “I thought that the session was really productive, and I am keen to run similar sessions at schools and universities. It is so important that students of all ages are prepared for the realities of work, and from an employers perspective, the more prepared someone is, the easier they will find getting settled into a role”

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