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South East Awards 2022

Written by Gabriela on 17th October 2022

AbBaltis has been shortlisted for the South East Awards 2022!

We are delighted to announce that AbBaltis will be attending the SEA 2022 this November 17th!

We have been shortlisted for the Manufacturing Innovation Award. This award is for the manufacturing company that has generated a substantial financial return and impact on a regional/national/international level from an innovative product or process designed and manufactured in their region. The judges are looking for the company that has devised the most commercially beneficial creative design for product or media and which through intellectual property originated within the region, has generated a substantial commercial benefit. 

Why are our products innovative?

In 2021, AbBaltis focused on infectious diseases (especially Covid), and provided samples so that customers could sell their test kits. However, now that life is coming back to normal the remaining regular diseases come to the forefront. One of the severely neglected areas but that highly affect the population, are allergy diagnostics. Allergies are deadly, henceforth there is now more awareness and companies are producing more test kits. The most traditional test kits involve skin picking; but patients can have electric shocks when this is done. Our samples help scientists create new test kits that don’t involve skin picking. Indeed, materials supporting allergy diagnostics enhanced the growth of our company (by 20%). We also offer serum positive for allergy, whilst our competitors offer plasma. Indeed, serum helps our clients to develop test kits faster. 

How have these innovative products improved our company’s position in the market?

Our sales to China dropped significantly due to their zero covid policy. For this matter, exporting has been very challenging, and we need to work very closely with the customs and paperwork; nevertheless, we still grew 20%. We also started selling locally, as well to major manufacturers in the UK. We were able to open many doors due to our exclusive serum in comparison to plasma, we are unique worldwide.

We are excited to know if we become finalists, wish us luck!


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