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Pottery Painting

Written by Gabriela on 18th October 2023

Team Building by Deparment

Our shipping department recently engaged in a team building activity that involved painting cups for each other. At AbBaltis, we strongly believe in fostering synergy, and we recognise that achieving this requires trust and commitment among team members. To facilitate this, we regularly organise bonding activities. The cup painting activity served as a lighthearted and casual way to bring our shipping department closer together.

By encouraging our employees to participate in team building exercises, we aim to enhance collaboration, communication, and camaraderie within the workplace. These activities provide an opportunity for individuals to interact outside of their usual work tasks and develop a deeper understanding of their colleagues' strengths, interests, and personalities. Through such experiences, team members can build trust and establish stronger working relationships.

The cup painting activity specifically allowed our shipping department to engage in a creative endeavor while also fostering a sense of unity. By exchanging the painted cups with one another, team members were able to showcase their artistic talents and express appreciation for their colleagues' efforts. This act of giving and receiving personalised cups further strengthened the bonds within the department!

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