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Shaping Young Minds At Fulston Manor

Written by Giedre on 12th March 2019

Last Monday, we were delighted to have been invited to give a presentation to students at Fulston Manor School about the career paths available here at AbBaltis.

Our Managing Director, Giedre, spoke to a classroom full of young adults who are currently considering what future careers that they would like to work towards.

“I think it is so important to encourage young people to think about the different career paths available to them,” Giedre explained. “One of the things I really wanted to emphasise is that they don’t necessarily have to go to university if they want to work in science. There are apprenticeship opportunities that will allow them to develop a scientific career.”

Several students mentioned that they were interested in careers in Forensic Science, and Giedre was quick to caution them that they must research this properly.

“There are not actually that many jobs in Forensic Science,” Giedre told them. “Because of shows like CSI, I think forensics is seen as being a very ‘cool’ field to work in. However, there are more people studying forensics at university than there are jobs. If you do want to go to university then I would advise you to get a more general science degree, as this will leave more options available to you when you graduate.”

Giedre also discussed why it was important for AbBaltis to attend events such as this: “I think that as a local business, we have a responsibility to the local community. The young people of Swale should know what businesses are operating on their doorstep, as I think that it is important for them to realise that there are all different types of jobs available right here in the borough, so they won’t necessarily have to have a long commute to find work.”

AbBaltis frequently have opportunities for apprenticeships. If you are interested in finding out more, please send your CV to

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