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Senior Leadership Apprentices

Written by Gabriela on 18th March 2024

Meet our Senior Leadership Apprentices! 🌟

Two members of our team, Nicole Jeffrey and Gabriela González Otero have been selected to participate in the Senior Leadership Apprenticeship program offered by Canterbury Christ Church University. Notably, they will concurrently pursue their MBA, a testament to their unwavering dedication to professional excellence and advancement 📈🎓

Navigating the demanding landscape of full-time work while embarking on this apprenticeship underscores their exceptional time management, resilience, and commitment to personal and professional growth. Their ability to seamlessly integrate their work responsibilities with their educational pursuits speaks volumes about their dedication and capability.

At AbBaltis, we prioritise investing in the continuous development of our employees, and this significant milestone exemplifies our commitment to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and advancement.

The Senior Leadership Apprenticeship program, coupled with the pursuit of an MBA, will equip our colleagues with the strategic foresight, leadership proficiency, and business acumen essential to navigating the complexities of today's corporate landscape.

The AbBaltis team looks forward to witnessing your continued success and contributions to our collective growth 🌟

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