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Sales Team Building!

Written by Martina & Gabriela on 09th November 2023

How are we successfully managing team building activities between remote and on-site staff?


Our sales department recently engaged in a team building activity that entailed collaborating to solving puzzles in a virtual escape room! At AbBaltis, we strongly believe in the value of team working and we regularly provide opportunities to strengthen the commitment and engagement of our remote and on-site team members.

Indeed, our sales department collaborated via video call on Teams to solve the puzzles of an online escape room. This activity contributed to strengthening the relationships between each team member, who shared ideas to accomplish the common goal of solving a mystery. The escape room was a successful tool to spur creative and strategic thinking, as well as problem solving, essential qualities for sales workers. The activity ultimately allowed them to learn more about each other’s personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, enabling them to welcome constructive criticism that allows to grow personally and professionally. Furthermore, working collaboratively on the puzzles of the escape room, allowed to improve cross-cultural communication skills of each member, who practiced effective communication with people from different cultural backgrounds and languages.

At AbBaltis we believe that testing knowledge and skills in more informal settings helps unleash their potential of our employees. Through this virtual activity, featuring a realistic and time-sensitive scenario, sales team members tested their problem solving and critical thinking skills, essential tools to navigate the competitive business environment!

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