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New Apprentice Joins AbBaltis

Written by Adam on 08th September 2017


Zachery Groom joined AbBaltis in July 2017 as a Business Administrator Apprentice. Since his appearance, Zach has proven to be a valuable team member by providing excellent customer support and giving prompt replies to customer enquiries. His work ethic is incredibly good and he always wants to take on new challenges.

Zachery said, “An Apprenticeship is much better than College or University and is more beneficial. I learn as much, if not more, on my apprenticeship than I did on my College course prior to this apprenticeship.”

He continued, “It is a really good idea that you can learn in a professional environment and earn money whilst doing so. It is a real confidence booster and gives you an insight into what it is like to work in industry.”

Zachery likes the idea of ‘earning and learning’ and believes more people should do it as it is a good opportunity for young people to gain work experience and learn in a specialised industry or trade.

“It is better than being stuck in a lecture and taking notes” he states.

Recently, the apprenticeship program in the UK has changed to offer higher levels, a Levels 4-7 Apprenticeship, which is also called a Higher Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships.  These apprenticeships are at university level, so that means a student can obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree while getting paid and gaining industry experience. These apprenticeships are hard to come by, but it is a fantastic option to progress on your career faster than you would do by going to University.

Zachery mentions, “Unlike going to university, while studying through the Apprenticeship route, you don’t get debts, so now you can get a University degree by working as an Apprentice”.

To conclude this, Zachery really enjoys his apprenticeship and feels really successful and happy to be completing it.

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