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Meet Sakshi!

Written by Gabriela on 09th September 2022

Sakshi is a recent Biomedical Science graduate from the University of Kent, who will be undertaking a Master’s Degree in Neuroscience in King’s College London, aiming to further continue her postgraduate studies by doing a PhD in the future. Within her internship, she was primarily involved in the testing aspect of the laboratory tasks. This has involved allergy and infectious disease testing using ELISA, Line Blot, and Immunofluorescence immunoassays, along with database mining for sample selection. She states the following:

“Being a Biomedical student during the lockdown robbed me of necessary lab experience, so working in a biotechnology firm for a summer internship provided a glimpse of the true life of scientists who work in an industry setting. Additionally, liaising with suppliers to source test kits provided me with exposure to see the business side of the biotechnology industry which was extremely rewarding. So overall, it was an enriching experience to say the least”.

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