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Meet our Block Placement students!

Written by Gabriela on 02nd October 2023

Meet Kaitlyn and Rose, our Block Placement students from MidKent! They are both currently undertaking T-Level Science with Occupational Specialism in Laboratory Sciences.

Their time at AbBaltis has been very satisfactory, as they are learning and acquiring valuable skills for the future. Rose and Kaitlyn highlight that their lab supervisors are a great part of this experience, mentioning the following: “At first I was very nervous, but the team is very approachable and relaxed, open to answering any questions. We get along with everyone!”

Some of their daily tasks involve redispensing, retrieving viles and bottles, as well as learning about test kits, antibodies, and markers. Both students really enjoy the hands-on working side of the placement, “we like actually doing things”.

Regarding future plans, their placement at AbBaltis has secured the fact that they do want to work at a lab. Rose originally wanted to work at a hospital or research lab, but she now thinks that she would potentially like to work at a commercial lab. Kaitlyn is sure that she wants to work at a lab.

They describe their experience at AbBaltis as great and fun, and we are very happy to work with such diligent, talented, and positive students!

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