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Written by Gabriela on 23rd October 2023

Meet Megan and Bel!

We are delighted to announce that we have extended an offer to two of our lab technicians, Megan and Bel, to pursue a Master's degree in Biomedicine at the University of Kent. We are proud to support their academic aspirations whilst they continue their valuable contributions at AbBaltis!

Both Megan and Bel have been granted the opportunity to pursue their degree on a part-time basis, ensuring a seamless integration of their academic pursuits with their professional commitments. It is worth noting that they are able to attend lectures during working hours, as we fully comprehend the significance of accommodating their educational responsibilities. Our commitment lies in adapting our operations accordingly to support them in this endeavor. At AbBaltis, we place great emphasis on the growth and development of our employees, recognizing the vital role of fostering a culture that promotes continuous learning. By offering this level of flexibility, our aim is to facilitate their successful completion of the Master's program: “This is a very exciting opportunity for personal growth and development, as well as potentially open new business avenues”, both say.

One of the primary benefits of pursuing a Master's degree in Biomedicine is the opportunity to establish valuable connections and engage in collaborative efforts with fellow students, faculty members, and professionals within the industry. The University of Kent prides itself on fostering a vibrant academic community that comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Megan and Bel will have the privilege of actively participating in discussions, exchanging ideas, and working together on various projects alongside their peers. This environment not only promotes intellectual growth but also encourages innovation. Consequently, the knowledge and insights gained from such interactions can be brought back to AbBaltis, enabling the implementation of fresh ideas for research and development purposes.

As part of their degree program, they will be required to undertake a dissertation project focusing on an aspect of laboratory research. This project will allow them to apply their theoretical knowledge gained throughout their studies to practical scenarios, potentially within our organisation's laboratory setting. By conducting research under the guidance of experienced faculty members, they will gain invaluable hands-on experience and develop critical thinking skills necessary for scientific inquiry.

We are immensely proud to offer Megan and Bel the opportunity to pursue this postgraduate degree. We are confident that they will make significant contributions to AbBaltis and open doors to new career opportunities within the company!

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