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Making wellbeing a priority

Written by Giedre on 20th January 2020

On Thursday 16th January the entire AbBaltis team welcomed Sara Ottley from Wellbeing People to the office, where she ran a fantastic seminar for us on “Resilience and Mental Fitness”. This included lots of information on tools to help improve both physical and mental wellbeing, as well as looking at how the body reacts to the different types of stress that we can encounter. 

The purpose of the day was to help ensure that our team are taking good care of themselves, and we wanted to give our people the opportunity to gain some insight into ways that they can keep healthy and look after themselves.

As Sara described it: “It is not just about looking at fitness, it is about evaluating how people are feeling inside and working with them to improve the balance in their lives.”

The session included looking at the importance of looking after our wellbeing, both in terms of our physical health, as well as our psychological welfare. We also looked at how failing to properly look after these aspects of ourselves can take us from being fit and healthy, through feeling overwhelmed, to feelings of illness and exhaustion, until eventually we reach burnout and breakdown. The session then addressed ways to proactively combat this to maintain better physical and mental health, from obvious things like getting more sleep and drinking more water; to keeping track of your heart rate (Sara taught us all how to measure our own) and how to initiate a short meditation.

One of our team members commented after the session. “I found the whole thing really useful. I liked that afterwards I understood a bit more about how my body responds to both internal and external pressures, and how that affects my wellbeing, which I wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise. I also thought that the trick to calming down - asking yourself: ‘am I in immediate danger right now?’ – as a way to respond to situations that could be stressful was really helpful.”

Our MD Giedre explained why she had organised the session: “I think that seminars like this are incredibly important for my team here at AbBaltis. I believe that with it is very important to learn how to tune into your body’s signals and learn how to proactively maintain health. Being successful and productive in a fast growth company does not mean that you have to run yourself down and work long hours. Just to opposite, you can achieve top results by taking care of yourself and focusing on important tasks.   I think today’s session with Sara was useful for learning about taking a holistic approach to looking after ourselves, and I hope that it was useful to my team. Ultimately, I want my people to enjoy their lives, both inside and outside of work. Having a healthy and happy team not only helps my staff to lead more well-rounded lives, but it also leads to a better working environment for everyone.”

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