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Designing Our New Office

Written by Giedre on 13th August 2019

Now that we’ve moved to our wonderful new offices, we’re spending some time decorating everything to ensure it adheres to our company vision. In order to do so, we are working closely with Lisa from Honey Interior Design, who is helping us make our new premises look fabulous!

Lisa is an incredibly experienced Interior Designer who specialises in bringing a business' brand into refurbishments.

“My aim is to ensure that refurbishments reflect the goals and ambitions of the organisation,” Lisa explained. “We spend so much time at work that it is important to offer employees more than just a boring office. I want to ensure that AbBaltis’ new premises have a comfortable and professional atmosphere.”

Lisa also outlined her impressions of AbBaltis and how this had influenced the designs that she has since agreed with Giedre. “AbBaltis is a young and energetic company, both in terms of the history of the business, and in relation to the apprentices and graduates training here. Getting to know AbBaltis over the past few months has been a wonderful experience – it is an incredibly innovative and interesting company that is working in an industry I had never come across before.”

Lisa also described how the culture at AbBaltis had helped to dictate her approach. “One of the first things that you realise about AbBaltis is that it is incredibly employee focused. They put a big emphasis on rewarding all staff and ensuring that everyone can have an input into the direction of the company. The design of the new space will ensure that staff have a vibrant environment where they can work hard but equally will be able to have a decent space for their breaks and downtime.”

Keep following our website and social media accounts to see how our new office space is developing.

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