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Written by Martina & Gabriela on 13th December 2023

🛌 Duvet Day!

At AbBaltis, we believe that the key to success is to create a healthy and supportive work environment for our employees. The third Newsmas Day features “Duvet Day”, another perk that reflects our commitment to our people.

👉 Duvet Day is a type of leave that allows every employee at AbBaltis to take one additional day off work without notice or having to provide a specific reason. Whether it is because of tiredness, stress or personal matters, our employees are entitled to take a day off without having to worry about justifying their absence.

🧘‍♂️ A Duvet Day is a tool to appreciate our employees’ well-being, and a way of showing trust in their judgement. We understand that life can bring unforeseen challenges and we believe that a day off from work can help those who take it to recharge their batteries or deal with their personal issues in the most efficient way. The freedom and flexibility featured by our Duvet Day policy, help reduce stress and anxiety, prevent burnout, and increase productivity and creativity. Most importantly, a duvet day has a positive impact on mental and physical health.

💥 The Duvet Day policy is part of AbBaltis' commitment to foster a positive work environment. If you are curious about the other benefits that come with working at AbBaltis, make sure you don’t miss our next posts!

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