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Written by Martina & Gabriela on 12th December 2023

🎂 Birthdays off: Celebrate Your Way!

On our second day of Newsmas, we are thrilled to unwrap another fantastic employee benefit that sets AbBaltis apart as an exceptional workplace 🎁

At AbBaltis, we understand the importance of celebrating life's special moments. That is why we are delighted to offer our team members the incredible perk of taking their birthday off—fully paid! 🌟

Birthdays are personal milestones, and we believe our team deserves the time to create cherished memories with loved ones or engage in activities that bring them joy. Taking a day off on your birthday has proven benefits, contributing to reduced stress, improved mood, and increased overall happiness. Whether it's a day with family, a getaway adventure, or simply indulging in favorite activities, we encourage our team to embrace the opportunity and have fun!

🎈 Boosting Morale, One Birthday at a Time!

Birthdays Off is our way of recognising and celebrating the unique contributions each team member makes to our company. We believe that by giving employees control over their special day, we are not just promoting work-life balance, but also fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture.

Stay tuned for more exciting Newsmas posts as we unwrap additional benefits that make AbBaltis a truly exceptional place to work! 🎊

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