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Written by Martina & Gabriela on 11th December 2023

£100 Annual Book Allowance for Our Employees 📚

At AbBaltis, we are proud supporters of our employees’ welfare and engagement, and we are excited to announce that we are offering £100 allowance for books to all our employees. This benefit aims to encourage our workers to pursue their professional goals and personal interests through reading.

🧠 The benefits of reading are multifaceted, extending beyond knowledge acquisition to skill development and stress reduction. Furthermore, it contributes to overall well-being by presenting opportunities for personal growth. Reading also plays a pivotal role in expanding our cognitive horizons, refining critical thinking, and enhancing written and verbal communication skills.

🚀 In line with these principles, we are pleased to support our employees' reading habits by providing an allowance. This initiative fosters a culture of continual self-development within AbBaltis. The key to our success is our people, and we are committed to unleashing their potential.

👉 Stay tuned to unwrap and discover the other benefits that make AbBaltis a fantastic place to work!

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