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AbBaltis Continues To Champion Careers In Science

Written by Giedre on 09th April 2019

Last week, the team at AbBaltis were delighted to attend a careers day at Maidstone Grammar School for students from Year 7 all the way up to the final year of A Levels.


The day was a great opportunity to once again meet with aspiring scientists and to reinforce to them that there are plenty of opportunities available in science and that there are a number of routes they can take if they would like to work in a scientific career.


Our Managing Director Giedre explained: “The two key messages that I would love to get across to young people are as follows. Firstly, there are plenty of ways into a career in science. A degree in Bioscience is a great entry point, but it isn’t the only way. If people aren’t keen on going to university there are plenty of businesses like ours that are happy to take on Scientific Apprentices so you are able to gain qualifications while you work. Here at AbBaltis for example we are able to support Higher Level Apprenticeships for those interested in science.


“My second key message would be to look close to home for jobs before you look to London. There are plenty of thriving scientific businesses right here in Kent, so there are excellent opportunities available throughout the country.”



Key Tips for Students at Careers Fairs

  • Do your research. Find out about the companies you are interested in beforehand. Spend some time reading the news articles on their website and the “About Us” section. Nothing impresses us more than meeting someone who already knows a lot about us.
  • Prepare some questions. Don’t just settle for knowing about the business. Spend some time thinking up some questions relating to what you have found out. This shows that you’ve understood what a business does and are able to ask pertinent questions.
  • Dress to impress. This could be your opportunity to meet with the business’ MD and first impressions matter. Make sure you are dressed smartly and if you’re in school uniform make sure it is ironed and looking neat.
  • Reach out afterwards. Once you’ve met with a business, don’t stop there. If you are interested in working with them, get in touch. Pick up the phone or drop them an email to enquire about job opportunities or to ask if you can do some work experience with them. Taking the initiative always impresses.
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