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Written by Gabriela on 09th July 2024

We are thrilled to spotlight one of our dedicated team members, Imogen, who has exemplified the essence of career development within our organisation. Starting as a Shipping Admin Assistant, Imogen is successfully transitioning into the role of Workspace Organisation Supervisor. This journey not only highlights her exceptional skills but also our commitment to fostering career opportunities tailored to individual strengths and aspirations.

This transition came about by recognising a key business opportunity and Imogen's unique talents. Her new role has been pivotal in integrating Lean Six Sigma strategies, such as Kanban systems, into our daily operations. This has streamlined our processes, enhanced efficiency, and reinforced our continuous improvement culture.

Here is Imogen's testimonial on her journey so far: 
"I have been working at AbBaltis for over three years now and have grown significantly in my role as a shipping admin, both professionally and personally. As an organized and creative individual, it is incredibly gratifying to have these qualities recognized by my managers and to be entrusted with a role that highlights them. This recognition has enabled me to further develop my existing skills while also learning new ones, and I look forward to continuing my growth in this position."

At AbBaltis, we believe in empowering our employees and supporting their career growth, which in turn drives our collective success.

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